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Fuji - 2023

Blind Gallery · fxhash

This art piece draws its inspiration from Mt. Fuji, the highest and most famous sacred mountain in Japan. Crafted with the sense of awe that the artist feels every time they see Mt. Fuji, this piece captures its essence.

Throughout history, Mt. Fuji has been portrayed in numerous Japanese paintings and ukiyo-e. This art piece is a homage to the accomplishments of those who came before.

Fuji was part of the Blind Gallery x Feral File Vistas Edition.

Learn more at https://www.blindgallery.xyz

MoMA Postcard First 15 - 2023

MoMA Postcard

MoMA Postcard is a global community project. An experiment in collective creativity on a blockchain, it invites anyone to collaborate, learn, and experiment with web3 technologies.

The artist was fortunate enough to be one of the 15 artists to create MoMA Postcard First 15. It was a very fascinating experience to co-create postcards with other great artists.

MoMA Postcard is a project that anyone can participate in.

Learn more at https://www.moma.org/calendar/exhibitions/5618

Carp and Seasons - 2023

Nishikigoi NFT · OpenSea

This art piece depicts Japan's world-famous Nishikigoi and the beautiful nature of Japan's Satoyama villages throughout the four seasons. In the style inspired by ukiyo-e and manga, generative art techniques are carefully used to depict the beautiful scale patterns of over 30 different types of carp.

Carp and Seasons were created for Nishkigoi NFT, an NFT project that represents being a digital villager in Yamakoshi, which functions like an e-resident card. Yamakoshi, a small village in the mountains of Japan with a population of about 800 people and a history of 1,000 years, reinvents itself as a globally open region bringing its unique cultures to the world together with the digital villagers. The project believes that NFT is the best tool to redefine the way that people interact with the local regions, and we bring real and digital people together.

Learn more at https://nishikigoinft.com

Hanabi - 2023

Bright Moments · OpenSea

This is an art piece that celebrates the arrival of summer. For the artist, the symbol of summer in Japan has always been the fireworks show.

What the artist particularly likes is the climax of the fireworks show, the moment when large and small fireworks are launched at the same time (this is a method of launching fireworks called 'Starmine' in Japan). This art piece depicts that moment.

In this art piece, a software algorithm inspired by woodblock prints and scratch art is used to depict the scene of a sparkling fireworks display in the night sky.

Hanabi was part of Bright Moments Tokyo Contemporary Collection.

Learn more at: https://app.brightmoments.io/collections?city=tokyo

Stargazer - 2022


This art piece shares the same worldview as Traveler. It is as if the traveler travels through space and eventually enters a more spiritual world. There, you can see the starry sky as far as the eye can see, and the calm surface of the water that reflects it. It's like traveling within yourself. Your unconscious mind forms imaginary constellations.

This art piece was also an exploration of how to draw with code like a real painting. The artist spent a lot of time exploring drawing techniques and the results were worth it. This art piece effectively utilizes an oil painting-like texture and color gradation, giving it a feel of the beautiful universe and the night sky.

Flower Arrangement - 2022


This art piece is a study of drawing beautiful flower arrangements using common generative art techniques. The style is inspired by botanical still life paintings.

The flowers in a flower arrangement are characterized by the fact that they are arranged within a limited area so that they do not overlap each other. To achieve this, the artist applied circle packing. The shape of the vase is drawn using trigonometric functions.

This art piece was also a study for the artist to learn how to draw plant stems, leaves, and flowers. The artist learned how to use Bezier curves to express soft curves that follow gravity, and how to use trigonometric functions to express the periodicity of flower and leaf shapes.

Flower Arrangement was exhibited at the fxhash booth at Art Basel Miami Beach 2022.

Traveler - 2022


This art piece expresses the feelings of admiration for science fiction and the adventure into an unknown world as a traveler traveling alone through an imaginary world.

This art piece was also the artist's attempt at creating a detailed landscape sketch using code. Its style is inspired by pen sketches, utilizing the density of dots and lines to express shading, and writing down the details of each object, it creates a sense of precision.

Traveler has been selected for the TENDER icons and the Tezos Foundation permanent collection.

Celestial - 2022


What if celestial bodies started moving ignoring the laws of physics? This art piece depicts a celestial show unfolding in the vast universe.

The art piece utilizes recursive subdivisions of circles as well as circle packing-based collision detection, to produce mesmerizing visuals that feel like ancient astronomical paintings.

The artist spent a lot of time exploring the composition and color palette for this art piece. The final result was 13 well-balanced compositions and 20 hand-picked color palettes.

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